Darkroom Malta

in Loovvee with Film!

“The beauty of photography is not only in the final image but in the processes required to create it.”

Darkroom Malta is my small privately owned studio, were I specialise in black & white and colour film developing. All films are developed to the highest standards and are treated as though they are my own. Weekly film developing in a dedicated temperature controlled space, a standardised work flow together with fresh chemicals ensures consistent high quality results.

All films for sale from Darkroom Malta are cold stored all year round.

Black and White

Colour Negatives


Any make and any ASA.

Positives and Slides


Developing is done by Appointment Only.

Party Time Summer Special

Ilford HP5 Plus @ 1600

x3 Rolls DX Coded ASA1600.

x3 Push Developing.

x3 High Res Scans.

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Developing – Colour 35mm – 2nd Round

Perfect way to shoot a colour test roll for your new camera! Develop expired films.

Party Time Summer Special

x3 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus @ 1600- Summer Special. Sharpest, Finest Grain, Superior Highlight Detail, Colour Accuracy, High Resolution.

CineStill 50 35mm

CineStill 50 35mm 36 Exposures each roll  Sharpest, Finest Grain, Superior Highlight Detail, Colour Accuracy, High Resolution

Agfa APX 100

AGFA APX 100 36 Exposures each roll

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