• St.Paul's Feast, Days later, Valletta, C41, Analog Photography, Darkroom Malta St.Paul’s Feast, a few days later.

    St.Paul’s Feast, a few days later is a set of snap shots taken with a point and shoot Olympus camera. Taken in Valletta on  17 February, a Saturday morning.  

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  • Bedford Rascal, Valletta, Suzuki Carry, Fuji Pro 160, Canon EOS 1, Alan Falzon Bedford Rascal

    The Bedford Pascal was originally a Suzuki branded micro van named Suzuki Carry. GM and Suzuki produced the Bedford version in the UK between 1986 and 1993. I had seen this restored van a few times but this was the 1st time i managed to shoot it while parked in a quiet place in Valletta. [...] Continue Reading
  • Expired, Fuji Velvia 50, Cross Processed,Darkoom Malta, 35mm Film,Medium Format, Developing Expired Fuji Velvia 50 Cross Processed

    Expired Fuji Velvia 50 Cross Processed gave some interesting results with very little colour shift. Fuji Velvia 50 is no longer in production but can be found quite easily on the internet. Fuji Velvia 50 was a very popular professional film mainly used for landscapes and for situations requiring vivid and sharp photos. It was [...] Continue Reading