Overseas Orders

Information for Overseas Orders

General Information

  • I post to any country.
  • Films, film packages and other items will be posted with in 24hrs after the order payment is received.
  • All orders will be tightly packed for safe transit.
  • You have a choice of Standard or Registered postage.
  • Postage by couriers such as DHL and UPS is available by request.

Film Developing

  • Place your order and then choose your country in the Cart page.
  • Postage will be calculated according to the delivery address.
  • Postage charged will cover the cost to post your developed negatives and any ordered scans on dvd.
  • Please make sure you fill in all the details properly to avoid wrong return postage.
  • Fill in any necessary details in the Order Notes section on the Checkout page.
  • You will receive a confirmation of order and payment.
  • You will be notified by email as soon as your package arrives.
  • You will also receive a photo showing the contents of your package.
  • After developing and/or scanning your negatives will be posted asap.
  • All orders will be tightly packed for safe transit.

Films for sale.

  • All films are new.
  • Expired films are clearly marked and include expiry date information.
  • All films are cold stored, all year round.
  • Technical information is sourced from the manufacturer’s websites.
  • Opinions about films by myself and fellow film photographers can be found in the Darkroom Malta blog.

Developing of B&W

  • All b&w developing is done in my fully equiped modern studio.
  • Films are developed according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Negatives are returned inside an Archival quality sheet.

Developing of Colour – C41 & E6

  • Colour films are developed by myself in my darkroom.
  • Negatives are returned inside an Archival quality sheet.

Colour Negatives – C41 

  • Developing is done every 2nd and last Wednesday of the month.

Colour Slides and Positives – E6


Privacy is very important to us. None of your images are uploaded to any sites with out your written permission. Outsiders do not enter our studio, this guarantees privacy for your images.

  • Scans are not edited nor retouched except for dust spots that appear during scanning.
  • Photos are saved as TIFF files, 21mp at 40mb, 3700×5700. (approx sizes)
  • I suggest you order Scanning by Email. Scans will arrive to you quickly with out the need to wait for posted package.
  • Scanning by Email  is done at no extra cost by WeTransferor or Google Drive.
  • Scans are stored for 2 months. In case you loose all your files, I can provide copies, free of Charge by WeTransfer or on CDs’ for a small charge.
  • Editing, resizing and manipulations can be done. Please contact me for more information.

*WeTransfer  and Google Drive are online service for sending large files uncompressed, safely and securely.

Mailing List and Registering

  • Our mailing list is used solely by us to keep you informed about what is happening and new products/services.
  • We do not and will not sell nor forward our data base to any one else.
  • We respect and observe date protection laws.