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Party Time Summer Special

38.85 35.00


  • 3 Ilford HP5+.
  • DX Coding ASA1600.
  • 36 Exposures each roll.
  • x3 B&W Pushed Developing.
  • x3 High Res Scanning to TIFF files.

HP5+ @ ASA1600

  • General use.
  • Action, Party and hand held photography.
  • Traditional Pushed look grain and contrast.



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Party Time Summer Special

x3 35mm Ilford HP5+, each canister is modified to ASA1600 for use in DX Codes cameras.

x3 B&W developing pushed to ASA1600.

x3 High Res scans in TIFF.

With so much happening in  summer, Ilford’s HP4+ is a must have to capture your partying! Shoot at ASA1600  for the traditional grain and contrast film look.


Ilford HP5 Plus is a film of outstanding sharpness, fine grain and medium contrast suitable for every day use, action and hand held photography.


*Have a look at photos shot on Ilford HP5+ @ ASA1600

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