World Photography Day 2019 – HP5+ Package



  • x3 Ilford HP5+
  • x3 Developing
  • x3 Scanning



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World Photography Day Special

x3 Ilford HP5+ 35mm

x3 Developing

x3 Scanning

With so much happening in the middle of summer, Ilford’s HP5+ is a must have! Shoot at ASA400 during the day then for the evenings go to ASA1600 or even ASA3200 for the traditional grain and contrast film look.

Ilford HP5 Plus is a film of outstanding sharpness, fine grain and medium contrast suitable for every day use, action and hand held photography.

Popular film for Pushing to ASA 800 and ASA 1600,

*Have a look at photos shot on Ilford HP5+

** Offer ends on 19th August or when stock runs out.

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