• Darkroom Malta, E6, Slide Film, 35mm, EOS1, Scanning, Street Photography, Agfa Precisa at ASA200 Agfa Precisa  shot at ASA 200

    Agfa Precisa  shot at ASA 200 means that it was underexposed by 1 stop in camera. I developed it normally, with out 'pushing', then increased the exposure in Adobe Lightroom. Agfa Precisa at ASA200 Having used Agfa Precisa a few times i realised that although it has gorgeous colours and a grain free look, it is best used [...] Continue Reading
  • Agfa Vista 200 Colour,Colour Negative, Developing, Darkroom Malta, Scanning, Alan Falzon, 35mm,Valletta Agfa Vista 200 Colour 35mm

    Agfa Vista 200 Colour 35mm is a good value film for every day use, frequent shooters and especially suited for persons starting out in analog photography who are looking for the 'shot on colour film' look. The grain is smooth and fine, just enough to let you know it is there. Colours are 'standard'. Not dull [...] Continue Reading