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in Loovvee with Film!

“The beauty of photography is not only in the final image but in the processes required to create it.” 

I’ve been into photography and shooting film for most of my life, let me help you choose a film suitable for you. With my long-time experience shooting events and weddings, I’m here to guide you with any photography problems, from how to use your camera to choosing the right look and feel of film you’re after in your photographs.

Darkroom Malta is a small, privately owned studio, specialising in analogue photography

All films sold by Darkroom Malta are cold stored all year round


Opening Hours


6:15pm – 9:15pm


Closed on the 2nd of February, giving a talk at the Malta Photographic Society

6:15pm – 9:15pm


6:15pm – 9:30pm

Other days by appointment only

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Detailed directions can be found on the Location page

****    Film Processing    ****

Limited Batches

Developing and High Res digitising

Black and White: 14th January SOLD OUT

Colour: 21st January SOLD OUT

Expired Colour and Cross Processing: 28th January

Please hand in the film by Friday before the date

Studio in Zurrieq or send by post

No reservations; 1st come, 1st served

35mm and 120: Euro 10 per roll

110: Euro 8 per roll

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