Agfa Vista 200 Colour 35mm is a good value film for every day use, frequent shooters and especially suited for persons starting out in analog photography who are looking for the ‘shot on colour film’ look.

The grain is smooth and fine, just enough to let you know it is there. Colours are ‘standard’. Not dull but neither vivid. The colour palatte produced by this film is the ‘classic colour film’ look we see in family albums.

Having to keep up with the modern phenomin of sephies, I included one i shot in front of my home. It was taken with a 50mm at F2.8 and metered on the white wall behind. A wall opposite bounced enough light to fill in my face and create a small catch light. The skin tones look realistic and sharp so i would use  Agfa Vista 200 for portraits although only in good lighting if you want a good photo or in any lighting if you have an artistic vision.

This is a whole roll of Agfa Vista Colour 35mm. They come straight out of the scanner with out any editing.

Photography by © Alan Falzon. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

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