AgfaPhoto Slide 35mm is an excellant option for any one interested in having a go at slide film. Also known as positives, slide films are loved for their sharpness, vibrant colours and contrast but on the down side their dynamic range is very limited, of only about 3 stops. Negative films have a broader dynamic range that makes them easier to meter light.

Light metering must be spot on with ALL slide films.

AgfaPhoto Precisa is an ASA100 colour slide/positive film at a good price that offers the traditional qualities of slide/positive films. These films as loved for their natural colour reproduction, contrast, excellent sharpness and very fine grain.

AgfaPhoto Precisa is a great choice for colourful situations such carnival, landscapes, products , concerts and graffiti.

A high quality, reliable and flexible film at an excellent price.

**Can be Cross Processed.

*This is fresh film and not older stock from the original Agfa factory.

Photography by © Alan Falzon. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

*Click on photo to see larger size

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