Analogue Photography Workshops

For all levels of experiance

With digital photography you can immediately see what you shoot, which means you can just shoot at random until you get it right. Do it with film and it will cost you a fortune! By learning photography basics you will quickly gain enough confidence to shoot film without the urge to chimp. You will shoot less but end up with better photos.

Film cameras are simple yet well engineered machines. Learn how to load film and choose settings suitable for that film, available light and subject.

For amateurs and digital photographers:
  • Learn how to use your film camera and its settings
  • Learn the differences between film and digital
  • How to choose the right film for your style
  • Learnt the differences between films; iso, grain, tones, sharpness and contrast
  • What is the difference between a Euro 6 film vs a Euro 14 film
  • Light metering for film
  • Tips on cameras, lenses, films and photography in general
Included in the workshop:
  • Photo assessment
  • Complimentary x1 roll 35mm developing & digitising

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