• Valletta, Darkroom Malta,Street Photography, 35mm Film, Kodak ColorPlus Test Roll Time for a quick post.

    Time for a quick post since i have not written much during the past weeks. I have been very busy in the darkroom, working on countless  Kodak ColorPlus, Ilford HP5+ and Kodak Portras' as well as with other photography related commitments.  Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining but this also meant i had very little time [...] Continue Reading
  • Kodak ColorPlus 200, Grain, Analog, Film, Darkroom Malta, 35mm, C41, Shoot Film Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm Review

    Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm Review is all about a very popular and good quality colour film that can be used for all occasions. It is grainy for an ASA200 film but the colours are smooth and realistic, not contrasty nor vivid. Sharpness is good but it is important that this film is exposed correctly. Kodak [...] Continue Reading
  • Darkroom Malta, Film, Analog, 35mm Film, AgfaPhoto Precisa Slide AgfaPhoto Slide 35mm

    AgfaPhoto Slide 35mm is an excellant option for any one interested in having a go at slide film. Also known as positives, slide films are loved for their sharpness, vibrant colours and contrast but on the down side their dynamic range is very limited, of only about 3 stops. Negative films have a broader dynamic [...] Continue Reading
  • Ilford FP4+ September Special,Film,Black and White,Alan Falzon, Developing, Analog,Darkroom Malta Ilford FP4+ September Special

    Ilford FP4 Plus is a very fine grained film with outstanding sharpness and suitable for most photographic subjects under a variety of lighting conditions. Ilford FP4+ September Special Pack of x3 Rolls of FP4+ 36 Exposures each roll €17.50 Featured Product Add to Wishlist Product added! Browse Wishlist The product is already in the wishlist! Browse Wishlist [...] Continue Reading
  • Water Polo, Darkroom Malta, Sports, 35mm Film,Sliema Frank Salt vs Valletta United. Ilford HP5+ @ ASA1600 Water Polo on HP5+

    Water Polo on HP5+ is a series of photos i shot during a heated premier league game between Sliema Frank Salt and Valletta United at the National Pool on a Friday evening, under spot lights. Final score was 10:11 in Valletta's favour. Although i’m not a water polo fanatic i have shot this sport a couple [...] Continue Reading
  • Ilford HP5+, Darkroom, 35mm Film, Alan Falzon, Develop Film, Analog photography, August Special Ilford HP5+ August Special

    Ilford HP5+ is one of the world's most popular black & white films and has been for decades. It gives the traditional black & white look with lots of grain and smooth contrast. It can handle over exposure and can be pushed for use in low light situation. Ilford HP5+ August Special Pack of x3 [...] Continue Reading
  • Agfa APX 100, Darkroom Malta, Scanning Negatives, 35mm Film, Street Photography, Black and White Few more with Agfa APX 100

    A few more shot with Agfa APX 100 taken in Valletta in summer to show how this film can handle bright high lights. The grain is good enough to show that is is film photography although the contrast is quite muted. In fact i had to boost it a little in post production. Few more [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast, Valletta. Ilford HP5+ Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast, Valletta. Ilford HP5+

    These photos  of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast, Valletta were shot on Ilford HP5+ pushed to ASA1600. Ilford HP5+ is one of my favourite films. Many times i shoot it straight at ASA400 but on most days i shoot at ASA1600 then develop accordingly. This creates grain and contrast that i like. Our Lady [...] Continue Reading
  • Ladies fashion, Valletta, Darkroom Malta, 35mm Film, Black and White Agfa APX 100 for a day

    Agfa APX 100 for a day is a short review on what this economical film has to offer. Agfa APX 100 is an economical film that is not very well known. Why? First of all it is important to know  that this is freshly produced film and not old expired stock from the original Agfa factory. [...] Continue Reading
  • Grain, Valletta,Valletta 18, Ilford, HP5+,Pushed Film, 35mm, Darkroom Malta, Developing Random shots on HP5+ at ASA1600

    These a few more photos from a roll of Ilford HP5+ shot at ASA1600 on an overcast day, if i remember correctly it was the beginning of June during the late afternoon and beginning of the evening. I know that ASA1600 is too much for day shots but one of my cameras has a top [...] Continue Reading