Black and White Film Processing

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“The beauty of photography is not only in the final image but in the processes required to create it.”

I’ve been into photography and shooting film for most of my life, let me help you choose a film suitable for you. With my long-time experience shooting events and weddings, I’m here to guide you with any photography problems, from how to use your camera to choosing the right look and feel of film you’re after in your photographs.

All black and white films are developed to the highest standard and are treated with professionalism and care, as if they were my own. Weekly film developing in a dedicated, temperature-controlled space, a standardised work flow, together with fresh chemicals, ensure consistent high quality results.


Black and White Film Processing


110 & 35mm

A standard developer that gives exactly what is on the film. When exposed correctly, your film will have very good tones and smooth grain. Slightly under or over exposed films will still have good results. A reliable option for all films, especially for digitising. This process is especially recommended for beginners and for testing cameras.


*Results vary according to film type, iso and exposure


35mm, 120, 4×5 and larger sizes

The classic developer used increases the grain size, contrast and increases sharpness. Excellent option for classic emulsion films such as Ilford FP4, HP5 and Tri X. Gives a classic look reminiscent of the 1960s’ and 1970s’*.

Not suited for modern films (tubular grain) such as Ilford’s Delta range and Kodak’s TMax range of films


Over exposure by at half a stop.

An ISO 100 film – shoot at 75 or 80

An ISO 400 film – shoot at 300


*Results vary according to film and exposure


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Resin and Fibre papers

Developing of b&w silver gelatin paper. For pinhole cameras, solar cans and other creative ways of using paper instead of film.



(medium format)


4×5 & Larger Sizes


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