Colour Film Developing

35mm – 120 – 110

4×5 by appointment only


  • High quality developing; colours, tones, grain and sharpness results as recommend by the film manufacturers
  • Fresh chemicals are mixed and used for each batch
  • Digitised photos are high resolution TIFF files

Limited batches:

  • Please drop off your films at my studio before the scheduled date
  • Films handed in after a batch is sold out, will be processed in the next available batch
  • Processing is done over the weekend; digitised files are sent within a coupe of days
  • Availability can be checked by pm on Instagram or Facebook Messenger

Developing and Digitising:

  • 35mm & 120: €10 per roll
  • 110: €9 per roll
  • 4×5: €10 per 4 sheets

**Not E6 (not for slide films such as Ektachrome)

Next Colour Processing Dates

Fresh Colour Films
  • 15th July sold out
  • 22nd July sold out
  • 22nd July; 2nd batch sold out
  • 29th July sold out
  • 29nd July; 2nd batch sold out
  • 5th August sold out
  • 5th August; 2nd batch sold out
  • 26th August sold out
  • 26th August; 2nd batch sold out
  • 2nd September sold out
  • 9th September sold out
  • 16th September
Expired & Cross Process Colour Films
  • 22nd July sold out
  • 5th August sold out
  • 26th August sold out
  • 2nd September

Studio Location

Opening Hours

Wednesday & Thursday

6:15pm – 9:15pm


6:15pm – 9:30pm

Other days by appointment only

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