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Film Processing


High quality film developing and digitising


Film formats

110, 126, 35, 120, 220, 4×5, Disposable cameras, custom sizes


Processing options

Colour, B&W, Expired Colour, Expired B&W, Cross Processing, Creative Processing,  E6 and ECN2 definitely no


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in Loovvee with Film!

“The beauty of photography is not only in the final image but in the processes required to create it.”

Your films are developed together with mine, in freshly mixed on the day chemicals. The negatives are digitised into high resolution tiff files, the equivalent of about 24mpx.

Since the majority of past customers did not collect their negatives, I am now offering a discount if you do not want them back. This is possible because negatives do not need to be fully washed if they will be thrown away after processing.


Limited Spaces

twice monthly processing sessions

How does it work?

Please only reserve your films if you can hand them in before the closing date

Closing date for the next processing sessions:

9:30pm, Friday 21st June 2024 Colour processing is Sold Out

9:30pm, Friday 5th July 2024 Many options are Sold Out

9:30pm, Friday 19th July 2024

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Zurrieq Studio

During studio opening hours
You can leave them in my letter box:
  • Include your name, surname
  • Your films must arrive by the closing date
  • Packages with no name will NOT be processed

By post

Your films must arrive by the closing date.

  • Due to the high demand, and limited spaces, pre-booking online is highly recommended
  • Include your name, surname, and preferably order number
  • The order number is in the order confirmation email
  • on check out, choose: SEND FILMS FOR PROCESSING

Post to my full-time job address as follows:

Alan Falzon

1st Floor, Avantech Building, St.Julian’s Road, San Gwann, SGN 2803

Colour Film Processing

Film formats

110, 126, 35, 120, 220, 4×5, Disposable cameras, custom sizes

Your films are developed in freshly mixed industry standard colour chemicals. No amateur home use kits are used


Black and White Film Processing

Your films are developed in freshly mixed, film manufacturer recomended chemicals. No monobaths, or reused chemicals.

Film formats

110, 126, 35, 120, 220, 4×5, Disposable cameras, custom sizes



Expired Film Processing

The processing is adapted according to the type and age of your expired film. Fresh chemicals are used.

Colour – Black and White

Film formats

110, 126, 35, 120, 220, 4×5, Disposable cameras, custom sizes



Creative Processing

Cross processing of slide films and other creative processing

Coming Soon

General tips to get the most our of your analogue photography

General information on Films

  • When in doubt, over expose your film by half a stop. Almost all films give a better look when slightly over exposed by not more than half a stop
  • Load your films into the camera in low light, or in the shade
  • Avoid under exposure and over exposure
  • Store your new and used film in a cool place. Keep 120 film away from humid storing environments
  • Do not take your rolls in and out of a fridge. Once out, leave out
  • Do not store unexposed films for too long, even in a fridge. Fresh films give the best photos
  • Process as quickly as possible after you shoot them

General information on Cameras

  • Keep in mind that film cameras are over 20 years old
  • It is normal for shutter speeds not to be accurate
  • When getting a film camera, shoot on all settings with out a roll of film inside to see that everything moves properly
  • Replace old batteries, and clean the camera battery connections
  • Never touch the shutter mechanism
  • Be patient and enjoy the way a mechanical camera works
  • Lenses with fungus should be stored separately from other lenses
  • Unless the lens is a very expensive one, removing fungus is not recommended as this could damage the glass

Top up your film stock