Film Samples

Have a look at what each film has to offer

On this Film Samples page you can see what looks you can achieve from each film. All the photographs here were shot on film then developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

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Agfa Vista 200, Expired. Agfamatic

Agfa Vista 200, Expired Shot with an Agfamatic point and shoot camera

Foma 400 @ 800, Olympus AF 10

Foma 400 @ 800 Shot with an Olympus AF 10 point and shoot camera

Agfa Precisa Cross Processed

Agfa Precisa Cross Processed 36 Exposures each roll

Rollei RPX 400

Rollei RPX 400  

I used B&W film for the first time and loved it!

I have been shooting film photography for over a year now and through trial and error, I've learned from many of my mistakes. Shooting analogue photography is not something you necessarily get immediately right. It requires practice, time and dedication resulting in tears at times when photos are lost. I love that there is something [...]

Fotographija Exhibition – Post war photography in Malta by Kevin Casha

Fotographija Exhibition – Learn Photography with Film Workshops

Fotographija, Hand Printed. Photography Exhibition

Color Plus in a point and shoot

Kodak Color Plus. Cheapest general use colour film. Photography by © Alan Falzon. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta. *Click on photo to see larger size Featured Product Great Value!! Add to Wishlist Batch 35mm – Colour – x4 Developing and Scanning €30.00 €28.00 Add to basket Add to Wishlist 35mm Colour Developing €4.50 Add [...]

Canon AE 1 Program with Fuji C200

Canon AE 1 Program with Fuji C200 Canon AE 1 Program with Fuji C200, Valletta. All the photos in this post were shot on Program mode with the legendary Canon AE 1 Program loaded with Fuji C200 35mm colour film and  both the 50mm F1.4 or 50mm F1.8.  I know it sounds weird to shoot [...]