HP5+ shot at ASA1600 gives a rough, grainy look with strong contrast that i love so much. It is one the best films for people looking for the ‘original’ black and white look. Although the grain is evident and rough, especially in skies, it gives a classic feel to any photo. Ilford”s HP5+ can be shot at ASA1600 for any occasion but i would not recommend this method for portraits or were fine details and a smooth look is important.

Gio Batta Delia, Ilford HP5+,Developed,35mm,Darkroom Malta,Valletta,Valetta18,ASA1600

Ilford HP5+ shot at ASA1600

I am sure many will not agree with me for mentioning that HP5+ is not ideal for portraits but keep in mind that every subject will have its ideal look. If it is your style then go ahead but if you are quite new to analog photography or if you want sharpness, smooth grain and good tones i recommend shooting HP5+ at box speed of ASA400. Better still go for Ilford’s FP4+ ASA 125, shoot at ASA200 and you will get better results.

All these photos were shot in Valletta on a rainy and overcast day.

Photography by © Alan Falzon. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

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