I used B&W film for the first time and loved it!

I have been shooting film photography for over a year now and through trial and error, I’ve learned from many of my mistakes. Shooting analogue photography is not something you necessarily get immediately right. It requires practice, time and dedication resulting in tears at times when photos are lost. I love that there is something so organic about thinking of how to get the photo just right. The expense of buying film and developing photos requires more intentionality than when using a digital camera.

I used B&W film for the first time and loved it! The contrasts in the monochrome effect brought a different aspect to the experiences I was living. I could feel a sense of rawness which I had rarely felt with colour film photography. The photos seemed to have been taken by an outsider viewing my life in another era and yet I could sense a feeling of nowness in the captured shot. I highly recommend shooting in B&W and will definitely be using it again, maybe now with a bit more insight and experience on how to get the shots to look just right!

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Photography by Sarah Zammit Munro. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.