35mm Classic B&W Push +2 Stops or more


  • Push film 2 Stops or more
  • No charge for Push of 1 stop
  • Developing process is modified specifically for pushing film
  • Chemicals designed for pushing are used. Black & White Only
  • Please specify amount of stops during check out
  • Not all films can be pushed
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Push film 2 Stops or more is a way of creating a look you like or in situations were you need a higher ASA film. Pushing film means that you shoot at a faster ASA than the film’s original ASA. Most films can be pushed by 1 stop with out the need of any change in processing. For this reason there is no charge for a 1 stop push.

Example: Shooting Ilford HP5+ ASA400 @ ASA 1600. This is two stops of under exposure, resulting in 2 stops of pushing.

This method of shooting will result in the following:

  • Increased grain.
  • Increased contrast.
  • Loss of details in shadows.

The following are the most popular:

35mm B&W – Grain Lovers is for those photographers who are after an increase in grain in their black and white photos. Suitable for most black and white films but generally better results are achieved with traditional films such as Kodak Tri X, Ilford FP4+ and Ilford HP5+.

Developing of B&W 35mm film at Darkroom Malta will guarantee consistant results. I develop film regularly for a variety of clients so my chemicals are always fresh. Processing is done according to the manufacturer’s recommended intructions.

Push and pull developing of B&W 35mm film is also possible. Please make sure you inform me during check out

**Not all films should be pushed.