35mm Black and White Developing – Grain Lovers


  • Developing of B&W Negative 35mm Film
  • Increase in grain
  • Manufacturer’s recommended chemicals and processing
  • Processed to Archival quality
  • Developed negatives are returned ready cut in an Archival quality sheet
  • Please note that this is NOT for Slide nor positive films

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35mm B&W – Grain Lovers is for those photographers who are after an increase in grain in their black and white photos. Suitable for most black and white films but generally better results are achieved with traditional films such as Kodak Tri X, Ilford FP4+ and Ilford HP5+.

Developing of B&W 35mm film at Darkroom Malta will guarantee consistant results. I develop film regularly for a variety of clients so my chemicals are always fresh. Processing is done according to the manufacturer’s recommended intructions.

Push and pull developing of B&W 35mm film is also possible. Please make sure you inform me during check out.

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