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35mm Colour Developing – 2nd Round


  • Developing of Colour Negative 35mm film in used chemicals
  • Perfect for test rolls
  • Economical developing for expired films
  • Limited quantity
  • Process also used for Ilford XP2 B&W film
  • Developed negatives are returned ready cut in an Archival quality sheet
  • Please note that this is NOT for Slide nor positive films

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Developing – Colour 35mm – 2nd Round is the same standard developing method and chemicals used for all 35mm colour films with the difference that the chemicals are 2nds. This means that chemicals can no longer used to provide the highest quality developing but they still have enough life left to develop a few more rolls. Quality is generally still excellent but this varies on film used.

  • Perfect way to shoot a colour test roll for your new camera!
  • Develop expired films.
  • 35mm only.
  • Quality of developing varies from film to film.


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