Introduction to 35mm/120 BW developing; 30th June Afternoon


For beginners and digital photographers*:

  • Learn how to develop a roll of b&w film
  • All equipment and chemicals are provided
  • 2hrs; sometimes slightly longer 
  • Small group

*No need to own a camera

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30th June@ 3pm

Introduction to b&w developing – 35mm and 120 film 

Want to learn how to develop a roll of b&w film? 

  • Learn how to develop b&w film. 
  • Learn about the equipment and chemicals needed
  • How to load films into the developing tank
  • Details on each step of the process
  • Learn about film stocks and developers
  • Tips on cameras, lenses, films and photography in general
  • Duration: 2hrs; sometimes slightly longer 

Your developed negatives will be digitised and sent you as high-resolution tiff photos 

*No need to own a camera



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