Kodak Tri X Economy Package


 – x4 35mm  Films 

  • x4 Kodak Tri X  ASA 400 35mm.
  • x4 Developing.
  • x4 Scanning.

Kodak Tri X 

  • ASA 400.
  • 36 Exposures each roll.
  • General use film.
  • Fine grain texture.
  • High resolution.
  • High tonal latitude.
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Our Kodak Tri X ASA 400 35mm Economy Package is ideal for new film shooters or regular shooters. This Economy Package comes complete with developing and scanning at a reasonable price. This means that you can have enough films for a weekend then have them developed and scanned with in a few days.

Kodak Tri X  ASA 400 35mm Economy Package is also ideal if you are going on holiday. A package or two should be good for a weeks holiday.

Popular film for Pushing to ASA 800, ASA 1600 and ASA 3200.

Other ASA packages are also available.

*All four films must be brought in together as a package NOT individually.


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