35mm Black and White Developing – Standard – Push +2 Stops or more


  • Push film 2 Stops or more
  • No charge for Push of 1 stop
  • Developing process is modified specifically for pushing film
  • Chemicals designed for¬†pushing are used. Black & White Only
  • Please specify amount of stops during check out
  • Not all films can be pushed
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Push film 2 Stops or more is a way of creating a look you like or in situations were you need a higher ASA film. Pushing film means that you shoot at a faster ASA than the film’s original ASA. Most films can be pushed by 1 stop with out the need of any change in processing. For this reason there is no charge for a 1 stop push.

Example: Shooting Ilford HP5+ ASA400 @ ASA 1600. This is two stops of under exposure, resulting in 2 stops of pushing.

This method of shooting will result in the following:

  • Increased grain.
  • Increased contrast.
  • Loss of details in shadows.
  • Colour shift in colour films.

The following are the most popular:

**Not all films should be pushed, especially colour films.