Scanning 35mm High Res Scans – Email


  • High Resolution.
  • TIFF files of around 21mp at 40mb.
  • Unedited.
  • Delivered by WeTransfer.
  • Editing and manipulation also available.


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Scanning 35mm films is the best way to digitise your films. These 35mm films are scanned to High Resolution TIFF files of around 21mp at 40mb. They are unedited except for dust removal. They are delivered to you either by WeTransfer or Google Drive for free.

The advantage of sending scanned 35mm films by WeTransfer is that you can down load your finished photos as soon as they are ready with out having to rush to collect them. Negatives will be safely stored until you can collect them.

Editing and manipulation is available but please contact us for more information.

Privacy is very important to us. None of your images are uploaded to any sites with out your written permission. Outsiders do not enter our studio, this guarantees privacy for your images.

*WeTransfer  and Google Drive are online service for sending large files uncompressed, safely and securely..

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