Testing Ilford’s Delta 100 35mm

A hot morning plus sunshine is a perfect opportunity for testing Ilford’s Delta 100 35mm film.

Saturday mornings are just for relaxing. I usually meet up with my best friend early in the morning, we either head to Andrew’s bar or one of the small cafes’ in Mosta for an English breakfast  followed by some work in his garage or out for a ride in a classic VW van. It is also my ‘fun’ time, photographically, to shoot anything with out bothering too much with ‘technical correctness’, which actually translate to snap shots! It’s almost always the same camera and same lens, shooting anything with or with out a reason.

For this hot Saturday morning i decided to shoot Ilford’s Delta 100 35mm film. There are two reasons for this. The 1st reason is that i have never shot Ilford’s Delta 100 before and i have a bunch waiting to be developed for a client. Although i know my chemicals and processing very well, i always shoot a test roll or two before  working on client’s films.

Ilford Delta, Darkroom Malta, 35mm Film, Developing, Scanning,Black and White, ASA100

Ilford Delta ASA100

The other reason is that i am looking for a film capable of providing excellent results during Malta’s hot and bright summer days. Generally with other films such as FP4+ and HP5+, the sky is too grainy and the mid tones are too grey for my liking.

Ilford’s Delta 100 35mm film is a ‘modern tubular grain film‘ unlike the classic films such as Ilford’s Pan F and FP4+. Delta films need good light metering for best results but a great plus is that these films are designed for scanning.

I shot this roll at ASA 100 and metered trough the lens. The whole day was very bright but I am very pleased and surprised with the final images. The skies look very good, with smooth grain and no ‘lumps’ that you get with films such as Ilford’s HP5+. The tones are excellent. Clouds are white with detail, shadows are dark but also with detail and they all scanned very well.

Who is this film for?

Personally i think this is an excellent shoot everything type of film during bright days. Excellent for using on the beach, on a boat and for street photography. Yes i know that grain is a must for street photography but the images from this film as so smooth and clean that you can go wild with post editing.

Photography by © Alan Falzon. Developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

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