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These terms apply to all visitors, customers and users of this site.

  •  Darkroommalta and related logo and information are protected by European law.
  • Manufacture name’s and logos’ are copyright of their respective owners. The names such as Kodak, Ilford and others are used here to describe specific products.
  • While I encourage anyone to join in and take part, I will terminate accounts and block users in cases of abuse, maltreatment, spam and any other actions intended to damage myself and/or other users.
  • Darkroommalta.com contains links to other blogs, websites and various social sites that are not controlled by myself. These links are done in good faith but I accept no responsibility  for their content, policies, terms of service nor any other actions.
  • I reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time.
  • Prices may increase/decrease with out notice due to uncontrollable circustances.
  • I reserve the right to decline to work on films that I deem to be in very bad condition, expired for too long and/or that require tools, chemicals, processing equipment and/or other items that I do not have available.
  • While I take all necessary precautions and follow manufacturer’s directions, developing of films involves numerous variables. On rare occasions consistent results may not be obtained.
  • My aim is to offer the best service possible for all  film lovers. PLEASE contact me with any views, ideas or if you may have been offended with any information and/or material on Darkroommalta.com

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